Table of Foods

code product count
ff13148 apple crumble slice 1x18
ff13149 apricot macaroom slices 1x18
ff13162 brown sliced bread gluten free 535g 6x6
ff13153 cherry bakewell tart g,d,w,s 1x18
ff13150 chocolate pecan brownie g,d,w,s 1x18
ff13151 cranberry & pecan flapjack g,d,w,s 1x18
ff13687 genius bagels 1x30
ff13685 genius crumpets 1x4
ff13688 genius english muffins 1x30
ff13686 genius pancakes 1x6
ff13689 genius pitta bread 1x30
ff13612 baguette 2x350
ff13621 breadstick 150g 1xpack
ff5207 choc chip cookies 180g 1xpack
ff13624 chocolate fingers 150g 1xpack
ff13622 custard creams 125g 1xpack
ff13623 digestives 150g 1xpack
ff13348 double choc cookies 180g 1xpack
ff5208 lemon zest cookies 150g 1xpack
ff13617 mixed sweet biscuits portion 1x60
ff24056 oatcakes 213g 1xpack
ff13613 gf panini roll (x3) 3x225g
ff13625 gf rich tea biscuits 125g 1xpack
ff13160 gf stem ginger cookies 150g 1xpack
ff13611 gf white cibatta rolls (x4) 4x200g
ff13610 gf wholesome seeded sliced loaf 3x3x300g pack
ff13609 gf wholesome white sliced loaf 3x3x300g pack
ff13154 iced fruit cake slice g,d,w,s (ind wrapped) 1x18
ff13155 mini iced fruitcake bites g,d,w,s 1x48
ff13163 multi seeded sliced bread gluten free (6x535g) 6x6x535g
ff13152 nutty fruit cake g,d,w,s (ind wrapped) 1x18
ff31234 rye bread biona (wheat free) 500g 1xpack
ff15049 seeded roll-gluten free 25x68g pack
ff13693 walkers all butter shortbread 60x30g pack
ff13161 white sliced bread gluten free (6x535g) 6x6x535g
ff13694 wholegrain crackers g/f 1x60 pack
ff8440 gf baking powder 850g 1xpack
ff13097 gf carrot cake mix 300g pack
ff13098 gf chocolate cake mix 300g pack
ff13349 gf neutral tart case 5cm x70 pack
ff13351 gf neutral tart case 8.5cm x27 pack
ff13350 gf sweet tart case 5cm x70 pack
ff13352 gf sweet tart cases 8.5cm x27 pack
ff13091 gf bean cassoulet 400g 6x6x400g tin
ff13100 gf borlotti beans 400g tin
ff13099 gf british baked beans 400g tin
ff13092 gf chickpea & bean tagine 400gm 6x6x400g tin
ff13096 gf three bean chilli 400g 6x6x400g tin
ff13489 apple butter 430g 1xpack
ff13108 crunchy peanut butter 454g 1xpack
ff13106 smooth almond butter 454g 1xpack
ff13107 smooth cashew butter 454g 1xpack
ff8888 smooth peanut butter 454g 1xpack
ff13105 diabetic fine cut marmalade 430g 1xpack
ff13104 diabetic strawberry jam 430g 1xpack
ff13111 gf black rice noodles 280g 1xpack
ff13118 gf br.rice lasagne sheets 375g 1xpack
ff13255 gf brown rice fusilli 500g 1xpack
ff13113 gf brown rice noodles 200g 1xpack
ff13256 gf brown rice penne 500g 1xpack
ff13257 gf brown rice spaghetti 500g 1xpack
ff13615 gf lasagne sheets 250g 1xpack
ff13258 gf maize & rice fusilli 500g 1xpack
ff13259 gf maize & rice penne 500g 1xpack
ff13261 gf maize & rice spaghetti 500g 1xpack
ff13614 gf millet penne 500g 1xpack
ff13112 gf pad thai noodles 250g 1xpack
ff13616 gf spaghetti 500g 1xpack
ff13125 alpro almond milk/drink 1ltr 1xpack
ff5318 alpro coconut milk/drink 1ltr 1xpack
ff13103 alpro custard - vanilla 525g 1xpack
ff13123 alpro oat drink/milk 1ltr 1xpack
ff13124 alpro rice milk/drink 1ltr 1xpack
ff13516 alpro soya cream 250ml 1xpack
ff946 alpro soya milk 1ltr 1xpack
ff40013 natural soya yogurts 500g 1xpack
ff13728 vegan mayonnaise 280g 1xpack
ff24035 lactose free cheddar style cheese 200g 1xpack
ff24039 lactose free cream pou/whip 250ml 1xpack
ff24034 lactose free semi skimmed milk 1ltr 1xpack
ff24038 lactose free soft cheese 200g 1xpack
ff24037 lactose free spreadable butter 250g 1xpack
ff24033 lactose free whole milk 1ltr 1xpack
ff24036 lactose free yoghurts (strawberry & raspberry) 4x1 pack
ff13119 gf choco munch cereal 282g 1xpack
ff13253 gf corn flakes 375g 1xpack
ff13618 gf cornflakes portion 20x25g pack
ff13120 gf crispy rice cereal 282g 1xpack
ff13254 gf fibre flakes 300g 1xpack
ff13121 gf maple sunrise cereal 332g 1xpack
ff13619 gf muesli 20x50g pack
ff13510 g/free tempura flour 1kg 1xpack
ff13263 gf brown bread flour 1kg 1xpack
ff13264 gf plain white flour 1kg 1xpack
ff8697 gf rice flour 1kg 1xpack
ff13265 gf self raising white flour 1kg 1xpack
ff13266 gf white bread flour 1kg 1xpack
ff8695 gram flour 1kg 1xpack
ff13620 gf pizza base 300g x2 pack
ff13102 gf tortilla chips 150 1xpack
ff31198 malt extract 370g 1xpack
ff8269 tahini paste 270g 1xpack
ff13095 gf tuscan bean soup 400g 12x12x400g tin
ff33128 gluten free soy sauce 500ml 1xbottle
ff13518 korma cooking sauce 350g 1xjar
ff13540 mushroom and wine sauce 350g 1xjar
ff13541 sd tomato cooking sauce 350g 1xjar
ff13517 tikka cooking sauce 350g 1xjar