Our Sustainability Journey


We are continuously looking at ways we can reduce our impact on the environment and cut back on carbon emissions.

We have relationships with a large network of British growers and suppliers and source produce as locally as possible, cutting unnecessary food miles and subsequent carbon emissions.

Every journey counts and we take this seriously. We use a comprehensive route planner to ensure efficiency and minimise the distance your deliveries travel. 

We are currently looking into the possibility of investing in an electric vehicle to run local deliveries which would be very exciting!

Food Waste

What happens to our consumable food waste? 

City Harvest visit us daily and collect all surplus food and safely redistribute it to the hungry. Their redistribution helps organisations serve thousands of healthy meals each week and reduce their annual grocer bills – freeing up funds that can be reinvested in other vital support services. Not only helping the hungry they are diverting food from landfill where it would release greenhouse gases that lead to climate change. To date, City Harvest have redistributed food valued at more than 14 million meals, and offset over 23,000 tons of greenhouse gases.


What happens to our inedible food waste? 

All of our inedible food waste is collected by New Covent Garden Market Association (NCGMA) and sent off for animal food manufacturing.

So, in short, none of our food waste is truly wasted!



Our world depends on the natural environment and we’re continuously implementing changes to ensure we work as effectively as possible with the lowest impact on the environment.

We pack and deliver our orders in environmentally friendly plastic crates, which are collected during delivery, washed and reused. 

We try to use as little packaging as possible when preparing orders although some is necessary to preserve and protect produce. We’re currently investigating and trailing a number of plant based/recyclable bag options which could replace our window bags.

It’s currently not possible to eliminate all waste as we have produce arriving from hundreds of farms and suppliers but we do ensure that all plastic, wood and card waste is recycled at the NCGMA recycling base.


We’ve partnered with Brixton Soup Kitchen (BSK) a food charity and deliver donated fresh fruits and vegetables on a weekly basis.

BSK has become a bastion of community support in the Brixton area since it was launched in 2013. BSK serve free meals twice a day as well as providing a clothing bank, a food bank, free to use computers with internet, and legal advice. The kitchen is a safe refuge for those in need as well as a place for the community and friends to gather and is staffed entirely by volunteers, including founder Solomon Smith. 

BSK have been doing an incredible job throughout this difficult period, delivering roughly 200 food boxes and more than 500 prepared meals each week but they desperately need financial support to continue to help those less fortunate. Please make a donation to their Go Get Funding page if you can and help this amazing charity to continue supporting those in need.