Alot has happened in the last 130 years since Eliza Jane began baking her famous Cornish delicacy in the Farmhouse that still stands proudly at the Redruth Creamery to this day. Now in the fifth generation of the family business, Rodda’s Cornish Clotted Cream is still crafted in the very same way, making Eliza Jane proud.

But what makes Rodda’s Cornish Clotted Cream so special? Well, it is the delicate golden crust, it’s a mark of quality and the Rodda’s family expertise to get it just right. The cream is gently baked and this is where the magic happens, the crust starts to appear as the tastiest and richest bits rise to the top in the cooking process. Nothing beats breaking through the seal with a spoon to experience the smoothness of the cream below.

Supporting local farmers is key to everything Rodda’s do, they build relationships with farmers that are based on trust and team spirit and all of their milk is sourced from farms within just 30 miles of the creamery. You can’t make the best cream without the best milk! All the farms are certified by the Red Tractor Farm Assurance Dairy.

Rodda’s have a PDO (Protected Designation of Origin), it’s an award given by the European Commission, designed to protect traditional, regional foods against imitation. For chefs and lovers of fine foods, it’s a guarantee of quality and authenticity. If you see the words ‘Cornish clotted cream’ on a label, you can be sure that the product inside has been made from distinctively rich and creamy local Cornish milk (a product of Cornwall’s sea breezes, and subtropical climate) and with the traditional cooking method that has been used in Cornwall for generations.

Rodda’s understand the impact that their actions have on the environment and local communities and are therefore dedicated to respecting these through continued improvement of their environmental performance. This includes pollution prevention and compliance with environmental legislation which are in keeping with company values. Rodda’s aim for such positive environmental practices to be adopted throughout our value chain to continually meet customer expectations.
These are achieved by:

  • Implementing and maintaining an environmental management system that will allow us to monitor and control the impact we have on the environment.
  • Continually looking to improve our operating processes with the aim of reducing energy consumption and improving water efficiency.
  • Minimising all waste streams and implementing the waste hierarchy.
  • Reducing our energy consumption in all areas of the business in proportion to the business size.
  • Ensuring that all A.E. Rodda & Son employees have access to and understand this policy.
  • Including environmental controls in our operating procedures.
  • Using clear accident management to reduce the risk of pollution to land, water or air.
    Controlling emissions to air and seeking out new ways to reduce our usage of raw materials.
  • Ensuring all our paper or cardboard packaging comes from FSC or PEFC approved suppliers.

Community spirit and charity are also very important to Rodda’s. So far thye have helped to raise more than £185k for charity through afternoon teas, charity cake sales and all sorts of fantastic fundraisers across the UK.

Authentic and Quality products for chefs and lovers of fine foods

Classic Fresh Foods team

Product Range

  • Rodda’s Clotted Cream 6x227g
  • Rodda’s Clotted Cream 907g
  • Rodda’s Double Cream 6 x 284ML
  • Rodda’s Double Cream Luxury 2L
  • Rodda’s Whole Milk Pergals 13.6L
  • Rodda’s Smei Skimmed Pergals 13.6L
  • Rodda’s Cornish Butter 10x200G
  • Rodda’s Cornish Whole Milk 2L
  • Rodda’s Cornish Semi Skimmed Milk 2L
  • Rodda’s Cornish Skimmed Milk 2L
  • Rodda’s Clotted Cream Portions 48x40G
  • Rodda’s Shortbread Milk Urn Tin 6x200G
  • Rodda’s Fudge Milk Urn Tin 6x175G
  • Rodda’s Brandy Clotted Cream 227G