Nutbourne Nursery

Nutbourne Nursery

Coeur de Boef

Nutbourne Nursery are a speciality tomato grower known for their outstanding quality and flavour, with over 40 years’ experience. The family business is owned by Gary Griffiths and has 0.41 hectares of glass, a hydroponic system and a small, highly skilled team, based in West Sussex.

Gary started the farm in 1979, within 10 years he decided to specialise in insecticide free tomatoes, and 10 years after that he started growing a range of speciality tomatoes. The family currently grow more than 30 different varieties of tomato, all different flavours, shapes and sizes, as Gary says there is “one for every occasion!”

Production runs from March to November, during which time the vines can grow up to 2ft per week and by the end of the season the vines can be up to 30ft long! The team are always looking for new varieties and trial a new selection annually; only the best tomatoes that deliver on flavour and yield are selected.

Nutbourne heirloom

We have a tomato for every occasion!

Gary Griffiths