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Molyneux Kale Company

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The Molyneux Kale Company are innovative growers based in South West Lancashire producing a range of specialist kales, brassicas and other crops. Thanks to the expertise of Chris Molyneux, MKC are the only year-round producers of kale in the UK. The family have farmed on the fertile plain for more than five generations and know a thing or two about sustainable growing.

Molyneux understand the importance of producing kale in a way that protects the environment whilst offering the assurance of a quality product. Their aim is to work with nature to grow the best crops, they are not organic but carefully choose what modern interventions they apply to achieve the best quality with minimal impact on the environment and believe this approach is the right one – to take the best of the modern world without forgetting the lessons learnt in the past.

The year-round cropping means that there is always cover on the fields which help support a wide range of birds, which struggle to survive in some modern farming systems. Molyneux also work hard to build the soil they farm not just for the next generation, but because it is good for the current crops. To do this, they rotate the cropping with other farmers who grow other vegetables. The fields are also rested in rotation, growing grass and clover every few years to build the soil structure and naturally capture nitrogen and other nutrients for subsequent crops. Not only that but between crops Molyneux grow what are called Green Manures – crops that are designed to hold the nutrients in the soil and prevent them from washing away whilst the land is not ready to be sown with kale. Building the soil is a key part of their plans for the business in the future, they are continuously looking to develop new techniques.

Molyneux maintain registration with Leaf Marque and Assured Food Produce Standards which independently audit their actions on an annual basis and require them to manage the farm against a number of criteria.

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We produce kale in a way that protects the environment

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