Minus 8 Vinegars & Verjus

Minus 8

Introducing Minus 8… named after the temperature at which its grapes are picked.

Our family-owned vineyard is in Canada, where hot summers ripen grapes, and cold winters allow for the making of icewine.

minus 8 icewine

What is Icewine?

Made from grapes that remain on the vine through winter, to naturally freeze in the vineyard. During the late fall and winter, the skins of the grapes crack, starting a slow oxidation process that develops a very rich palate in the juice. When the temperatures fall below minus 8 degrees Celsius for several days, the freezing cold naturally concentrates the grape juice in the vineyard. The grapes must be picked and then pressed while still frozen to extract the rare and exceptional juice.

Vinegars & Verjus

Many of our vinegars and verjus begin with grapes grown, picked and pressed in the style of icewine. Others are made from specifically grown and perfectly ripe tomatoes, or apples picked from local orchards and pressed the same day, grapes grown in the shade, or maple syrup made bespoke for us in Québec. Some products take months to make, and others many years.

minus 8 products

Thanks to our process you will delete your palate with a rare and exceptional product

Minus 8 team

Product Range

  • Minus 8 – Barrel Aged Icewine Vinegar
  • Dehydr8 – Riesling Vinegar
  • L8 Harvest – Icewine Vinegar
  • Veget8 – Tomato Icewine Vinegar
  • IP8 – Beer Vinegar
  • Apple 8 – Cider Vinegar
  • Maple 8 Vinegar
  • Concord 8 – Grape Vinegar
  • Maple Brix Verjus
  • 8 Brix Red Verjus
  • 8 Brix White Verjus