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Growing the finest berries in the world requires care, commitment and dedication. Driscoll’s patented berry varieties are primarily developed through years of research using only natural breeding methods. They are grown with great care by their farmers, hand-picked, then carefully packed in the field to ship, all to ensure freshness and quality.

Peak berry season occurs at different times of the year in different places. Driscoll’s berries are grown on family farms throughout the world, in growing regions that are carefully selected for their soil, climate and other environmental factors. That’s how they maintain their promise to deliver the freshest, best tasting, highest quality berries year-round.

Strawberries that are firm, but not too crisp. Raspberries that are sweet and juicy, but not too soft. Blackberries that are huge, beautiful, and burst in your mouth with juicy flavour and blueberries that are flavourful, but not too tart. Growing perfectly fresh, beautiful, delicious berries is as much of an art as it is a science. Working together as a team of agronomists, breeders, sensory analysts, plant health scientists, and entomologists, the team research and develop the very highest quality berries. The team work with Mother Nature to develop the best berries possible using proven natural traditional breeding processes such as hand cross-pollination (Driscoll’s Berries are not genetically modified) and to ensure that those fresh, tasty, colourful berries make their way to berry lovers all over the world.

Every Driscoll’s berry that makes it to your taste buds has gone on a journey. It takes five to seven years to produce a berry variety that is ready for commercial production! During that time, Driscoll’s berries are taste tested, analysed, placed in nurseries, stress tested, flavour tasted some more, checked for robustness, and examined in all sorts of ways to ensure that only the top-quality berries make it from the farm to you.

Each berry begins with natural breeding through cross-pollination, a technique that has been used for thousands of years by breeders worldwide. The Driscoll’s team pick out elite parent plants and match the best berries to create even better offspring. The team also look at the chemical composition of berries to better understand berry flavour and to understand what new delicious flavors can result from crosses. For strawberries alone, for example, Driscoll’s may cross over 700 plants resulting in 100,000 seedlings!

Matching berries for natural cross-pollination is a very big process. In any given year, Driscoll’s chooses the best plants and makes about 700 crosses. Each cross results in anywhere from 40 to nearly 300 seedlings. That means that in a single year, Driscoll’s has over 100,000 seedlings that could potentially become a new variety of berry.

Avoiding GMOs
One of the great things about using natural cross-pollination is that Driscoll’s berries are never genetically modified. Everything the team do is like traditional plant breeding of crossing one plant with a different plant. The science of genes, however, allows the team to more efficiently figure out which plants will produce the best results.

Driscoll’s community and charitable actions.

  • In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Driscoll’s will deploy more than $4 Million in charitable funds across health clinics, food banks, fresh berry donations and other community resources. The funds are being distributed to address critical community needs across the communities who are working tirelessly to bring fresh, healthy berries to families.
  • Driscoll’s Giving program ensures they strategically invest in the communities where they grow, engage employees in their vision of enriching lives, and establish a relationship with the towns and cities that they call home.
  • Since 2016 Driscoll’s have given over $1,293,000 in grants and supported over 400 organizations.
  • In 2018, Driscoll’s employees volunteered a total of 15,130 hours and Driscoll’s matched over 300 employee donations.

Growing the finest berries in the world requires care, commitment and dedication

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