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With over 90 years of caring, Clarence Court eggs are patiently laid by traditional breed birds originating from rare breed ancestors, at their own natural speed. It’s a heritage that gives them a unique flavour evocative of a bygone era when all food was ‘slow food’. Our dedicated, specialist farmers know and nurture their birds guaranteeing all the care they need. It’s this personal touch and dedication to quality that means our customers never have to compromise on quality.

In 1928 Clarence Elliot brought jungle fowl back from Patagonia to Gloucestershire. Clarence’s rare birds were crossbred to create pedigree hens, and generations later, they still lay superlative, colourful, hard-shelled eggs with the most exquisite deep golden yolks.

Clarence Court have a brand new 25,000 square foot Innovation Centre, a fabulous example of their commitment to innovation. The capabilities of the technology mean they can process almost 500,000 eggs per day to meet demand and introduce additional premium products such as liquid egg. BRC have awarded the facility an AA grade, and a specialist team are in place with skills and experience in all areas of production.

Burford Brown Hens Eggs

Clarence Court Burford Brown eggs have a lovely, hard, glossy, deep brown shell that’s good for poaching and boiling as they retain their farm freshness. They have a delicious dense golden yolk that will remind you of times gone by. Their divinely rich flavour makes them the perfect egg for any occasion.

Old Cotswold Legbar Hens Eggs

Clarence Court Old Legbar eggs have a distinctive pale blue shell. Its deceivingly delicate outer shell hides a rich creamy yolk with a dense flavour. Old Cotswold Legbar eggs have plump and upstanding yolks, proud to be tasty. Simply delicious when fried

Cornish Blues Duck Eggs

With lovely light greenish-blue coloured shells, Clarence Court Cornish Blue duck eggs are as beautiful as they look. The creamy yolks lend themselves fabulously to bakes and cakes and are simply delicious as a morning teat fried or boiled.

Braddock Whites Duck Eggs

From their translucent, ivory white eggshells to the light, creamy yolks, Clarence Court duck eggs bring a new meaning to “go large” for recipes. These eggs are made for exceptionally light baking and some people once they have had duck eggs never go back to hen’s eggs for breakfast.

Quail Eggs

Clarence Court Quail eggs are a quarter of the size of hen’s eggs. Their small speckled shells hold delicate little eggs with pale yolks which need just 30 seconds to soft boil. Although fiddly to shell they are worth the bother to make wonderful bite-sized scotch eggs.

Liquid Eggs

Clarence Court Liquid Egg combines renowned quality and flavour with convenience. Each of the ready to use and easy to handle products offer an alternative to chefs and home cooks. Customers can enjoy the ease of the new range with the assurance that the eggs are laid by our exclusive line of traditional breed birds.
The Liquid Egg range offers fine dining at its simplest. Offering all the rich and creaminess of the shelled egg, they’re delicious whipped up in meringues and omelettes, added to bakes and cakes and to make indulgent sauces. As well as their fabulous flavour, the no waste products are a superb protein source fantastic for maintenance of normal bones and growth in muscle mass.
Clarence Court Liquid Egg products are available in three varieties: Pure Egg Yolk, Simply Egg White and Just Whole Eggs. All varieties are all suitable for vegetarians, 100% pasteurised and meet the British Lion standards. All our packaging is 100% recyclable across the range.

A unique flavour evocative of a bygone era when all food was ‘slow food’

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