About Callebaut

Using only the finest ingredients, Callebaut has been crafting its Finest Belgian Chocolate in the heart of Belgium for more than 100 years. Made with dedication passed on from generation to generation, Callebaut chocolate is relied on every day by chefs and chocolatiers to create great tasting delights.

Where does the iconic Callebaut taste come from? That’s what the oldest cocoa roaster in Belgium now shares with chefs and chocolatiers all over the world. During bean-to-bar classes, the Callebaut Master chocolate makers share their know-how on cocoa bean flavours, fermentation, blending, whole bean roasting, conching and much more. In 2014 Callebaut opens its flagship Chocolate Academy™ centre in Wieze. It provided a brand-new home for chefs and chocolatiers to find inspiration, learn about chocolate techniques and exchange experiences. The Callebaut Chocolate Academy hosts a small plantation, a Beanology-room, a chocolate library, a tasting ritual room. And the heart of the Chocolate Academy™ features 4 fully equipped work spaces where bakers, pastry chefs, confectioners and restaurant chefs can bring their chocolate skills to the next level.

“Cocoa beans are the lifeblood of thousands of people in the Ivory Coast and Ghana. Their craftsmanship lies at the very core of the unique Callebaut taste. Every day, we see the challenges they are faced with. Poverty, child labour and a lack of access to clean water and safe nutrition have become common place. Because their craft shapes ours, let us embrace these regions and fuel their communities. Together, we can turn the farmer’s profession into a proud craft. “

Your choice for Callebaut is a choice for cocoa farmers to thrive. For every Callet™ of the Finest Belgian Chocolate range, Callebaut sources 100% sustainable cocoa. And for every pack you purchase, a part is reinvested in the farmers and their communities. By partnering with the Cocoa Horizons Foundation which works directly with farmer groups, Callebaut support farmer training and empower young farmers & women farmers to excel in their craft. Show customers your work with sustainable Belgian Chocolate & spread the change. Because together, we can make sustainable the norm.

Together with Cocoa Horizons, Callebaut empower West African farmers to shift their smallholder farms into profitable cocoa farms, motivate new generations to stay in cocoa farming and nurture their ambition. The aim is to make farmers financially independent so they can take care of their families.

Why Callebaut work with Cocoa Horizons?

  • Traceability of sustainable cocoa from farmer to the first BC warehouse
  • Full focus on cocoa issues – productivity and community development activities
  • Full transparency of premium use verified by a third party
  • Impact driven through on-the-ground teams working directly with farmer groups
  • Access to farmer testimonials, the people benefiting from these efforts
    • 83 farmer groups delivered Horizons cocoa 20 new this year
    • 73,468 Cocoa Horizons farmers registered of which 11,534 are women farmers
    • 78,546 MT of Horizons cocoa delivered up from
    • 42,590 MT in the last season
    • 71,359 farmers trained on good agricultural practices, entrepreneurship and education
    • 560 community professionals accredited in a pruning, nursing or spraying
    • 10,012 farmer group members have access to productivity packages (coaching, tools & seedlings or finance)
    • 132 women are in governance positions within Cocoa Horizons Farmer Groups

Your choice for Callebaut is a choice for cocoa farmers to thrive.

Classic Fresh Foods team

Product Range

  • Callebaut Bitter 70.5% Dark Chocolate Drops 8×2.5KG
  • Callebaut Caramel Chocolate 4x2.5KG
  • Callebaut 54.5% Dark Chocolate Drops 8×2.5KG
  • Callebaut 33.6% Milk Chocolate 823 Drops 8×2.5KG
  • Callebaut Dark Chocolate Topping Sauce 6x1L
  • Callebaut Dark Chocolate Truffle Shells 25mm Dia x 504
  • Callebaut Milk Chocolate Truffles Shells 25mm Dia x 504
  • Callebaut White Chocolate Truffle Shells 25mm Dia x 504
  • Callebaut 28% White Chocolate W2 Drops 8 x 2.5KG
  • Cocao Powder 1KG