Beeker Berries

About Beeker Berries

Beekers Berries strive to grow the best soft fruit, whether it’s in the greenhouse, on the table top or out in the open fields. This means that you can enjoy the delicious full flavour of summer every day, in any season, all year round!

Beekers believe their soft fruit should always be the cream of the crop. Always. And that’s why, together with a group of selected growers, they pull out all the stops to bring the tastiest soft fruit to the market, all year round. You can taste the summer in Beekers strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries. It’s also no coincidence that their home base is in North Brabant. This region is the cradle of the strawberry, Brabant has been producing the best strawberries from its sandy soil ever since the Middle Ages, and they’re keen to continue that tradition.

Beekers are always carrying out research and further developing and refining their varieties. In their search for a sweeter flavour, more juice or greater firmness, they test thousands of new varieties every year in the traditional way, in order to select only the best varieties. Beekers invest continuously in knowledge, technology, the conditions, and our people in order to cultivate the best varieties of strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and blueberries. Each fruit should be a delectable mouthful of summer. Always and everywhere.


Beekers strawberries are all about the flavour and include varieties such as: Lambada, Elsanta, Sonata, Viva and of course, their very own specialities, the pineberry, strasberry and bubbleberry. Each one has its own flavour, bite and unique character. They are all grown with the same love and attention, giving them the very best nutrition and a wonderful living environment, before picking them with the utmost care.


Not only are they incredibly tasty, blueberries are also full of vitamins B1, B2 and C, and packed with calcium and iron. In their our quest for the tastiest blueberries, Beekers discovered a new generation, the highest-quality blueberries, mouth-watering in flavour, robust, with a great bite and year-round availability!


Sapphire opens the raspberry season, picking starts in March. This light pink raspberry with its authentic character smells heavenly and has a fantastic, full flavour.


A blackberry is actually a cluster of 50 small drupelets, and is full of juice and vitamin C. At first, blackberries ripen to a shade of red, after which they gradually assume a glossy, deep black colour. That’s when they’re ripe for the picking – when even the smallest drupelets of the Loch Tay and Loch Ness varieties are at their juiciest and their most flavoursome. In short, that’s when they’re at their highest quality.

Red Currants

Red currants are beautiful, shiny red in colour and grow in bunches on twigs. The season begins in Mid-May with the Junifer variety. Junifer has a coarse structure and is sweet in taste. The bunch is usually shorter than other red currants. From approximately mid-July the most well-known and most popular variety takes over, Rovada. This variety is a true beauty and is fresher in taste with a longer shelf life. The Rovada bunch is longer and fuller.

You can enjoy the delicious full flavour of summer every day, in any season, all year round!

Beekers Berries